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nuababy – superb
leak-proof comfort*

Unique adjustable leg-sizing (* Patented)

nuababy – the healthy choice
for our environment

Biodegradable • machine-washable • no harmful chemicals

nuababy – saves you money

Costs 75% less than disposables

nuababy – the perfect fit
for your baby

Adjustable leg-sizing • double pocket-opening • overlapping soaker set

nuababy - the happy nappy!

Did you know that nuababy’s patented adjustable double leg gusset can be modified to your baby’s EXACT leg size? See how our nappy (diaper) works...

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What's unique about nuababy?

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What people are saying about nuababy

Finally, a one-size-fits-all nappy that does what it is supposed to do – fit my baby! Thank you nuababy!

Stephanie (Ireland)

I love that nuababy nappies have an opening at either end of the pocket and unlike other pocket nappies you don’t have to push your hand inside, potentially putting too much strain on the stitching. It is great being able to grab the soaker from both ends and simply snap in place.

Sarah (Ireland)

It’s like the nuababy diapers were made specifically for our babies. The shape was perfect for both our 9-month old AND our 2-year old. We've never had a leaky nuababy diaper!

Ivy (USA)

nuababy nappies are a really great shape, narrow between the legs, not bulky at all and they fit both my baby and toddler well. It's great to be able to access the elastic drawstring and be able to adjust it to ensure a good fit on the legs. I often find that the legs on nappies are a bit big on my skinny toddler so this is a great design.

Carol (Ireland)

The nuababy soakers and snap tightening systems are far better than anything we’ve used before … and we’ve saved so much too! I’ll never go back to disposables!

Jan (USA)

I love the nuababy wipes! No need for horrible chemicals and they are compact to carry. I always carry a bottle of water in the nappy changing bag when we're out, so wetting them down is never a problem. They're awesome.

Katrina (New Zealand)

I am very impressed; the elastic gussets are a brilliant design feature. I haven’t seen another nappy like this before. I'm using these nappies for both my 20-month old and for my newborn, whereas all the other brands I've tried (3 other brands) leaked until about 8 weeks old.

Naomi (New Zealand)

You’ll really like the choices you have with this nuababy diaper.

 Ivy (USA)

I love the large wet bag; it's my favourite wet bag. It's waterproof, smell proof and holds at least 8 nappies. I give this bag to childminders as they don't have a bucket. The small wet bag is also great when out and about as it holds about 3 nappies.

Carol (Ireland)

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