What's unique about nuababy?

One-size-fits-all cloth nappy (diaper) set


  1. Waist snap closure: Snug fit, comfortably guards against leaks
  2. Overlapping soaker set: Two inserts that provide extra absorption exactly where it's needed as your baby grows
  3. Soft 'stay-dry' layer: Both nappy (diaper) shell lining and the top layer of soakers draw moisture away from baby's skin
  4. Waist waterproof strip: Snap soaker/booster under pocket opening for extra leak protection
  5. Nappy shell: Waterproof and breathable (TPU)
  6. Adjustable double leg gusset*: Unique design that provides superb leak-prevention and comfort for all sizes
  7. Double pocket opening: For easy insertion of soaker pads and versatility of use – with no bunching. Snap soakers/boosters underneath pocket openings

Fully adjustable leg and waist sizing

nuababy nappies (diapers) have a unique double leg gusset and drawstring* that allows you to adjust leg and waist sizing separately, for a soft, snug fit that ‘grows’ with your baby. From the outside, you can’t tell it is a one-size-fits-all nappy. nuababy nappies genuinely fit from birth (6½lbs/3kgs) to toilet training (40lbs/18kgs).

nuababy uses a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) process, which is a chemical-free, heat-bonding method to waterproof the nappy shell. The TPU process is friendly to the environment, and following disposal, both the TPU laminate and the polyester fabric biodegrade within approximately 5 years.

* Patented