Our Story

The nuababy name


People often ask how we came up with the name nuababy and what it means. ‘nua’ is an Irish word that means ‘new’. ‘nua’ also comes from the root word ‘nuach’, meaning ‘rest’. That's exactly what we want for our nuababy products! Since we wanted to keep an international connotation to the name, we opted to keep ‘baby’ in English after ‘nua’, rather than keeping the Irish only version of ‘leanbh nua’ (pronounced ‘laniv nua’); we hope you like it as much as we do.

The nuababy story


nuababy is a family-run business that cares about our customers and is committed to personal service. nuababy was born out of a recognition for the need of a quality, one-size-fits-all nappy (diaper) that genuinely fits babies from newborn to toilet training; a nappy that is comfortable to wear and kind to baby’s skin as well as the environment; a nappy that offers parents significant financial savings when compared to disposables.

Laurel (a mum in the family) began researching cloth nappies prior to the birth of her first baby in 2007. Having tried most of the major brands on the market, she was dissatisfied with the results, mostly due to poor fit and leaking problems, so we set about creating a completely new and innovative nappy system that would solve these issues. Our extended family and friends who had babies at the time became our initial ‘nappy testers’ and each prototype was trialed on babies of different shapes, sizes, and ages ranging from birth to three years. Without exception, the final product proved itself across all these ages.

The nuababy product line is a simple, yet complete package. The innovative, easy to use nappies are complemented by an excellent range of waterproof laundry bags, liners/wipes and changing bags that make it the ideal solution for all of your baby’s nappy needs.

Of course, research and development continues based on the personal experience of family members, friends, and you, our customers. We welcome your feedback at any time. It is an honour to have you in our growing nuababy family!

What’s so special about nuababy?


We don’t just provide you with an amazing one-size-fits-all cloth nappy (diaper). Our complete range of high quality accessories take baby care to a new level. Accessories include stylish nappy changing bags to hold everything you need for a day out, changing mats, waterproof laundry bags, and more.

Our sustainable industry ethic means that we’re not just committed to promoting healthy families; we also use environmentally friendly products. Our online support and information service encourages users to make informed choices about the environment and our nuababy product line, which is manufactured predominantly from biodegradable, natural materials.

Our products are manufactured according to global health and safety requirements for baby products. We source affordable, quality materials for each product and carefully choose manufacturers that adhere to fair and ethical labour practices.