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DO’s: How to correctly clean your nappies (diapers)

DO use the right amount of detergent

Wash nappies (diapers) using the recommended concentration of detergent to clean them thoroughly. If your baby develops a rash, or if the nappies have a strong smell after washing, you may need to change the quantity or the brand of your washing detergent.

Detergent manufacturers may recommend using high quantities of their product. If you use detergents that are not cloth nappy specific, start with half of the recommended amount and increase if needed. Front loader washing machines require less detergent than top loaders.


DO soak nappies (diapers) for a short time

If you prefer to soak nappies instead of running a prewash cycle, limit this to 10-20 minutes in plain cool water just before washing to help loosen any stubborn soiling. Soaking nappies in caustic detergent gradually damages the material and may affect your baby’s health.


DO wash at the correct temperature

Wash at 40°C/100°F using zero-residue detergent, followed by a cool rinse.

DO line dry your nappies (diapers)

To prolong the life of your nappies, line-drying is preferable to tumble-drying. Hang nappy shells with lining facing the sun to bleach the lining naturally, and prevent nappy shells from fading. See stains section for more information.


DO use plenty of water

Using a high level of water when washing the nappies (diapers) helps to avoid build-up of detergent, bacteria and urine.

DO dry on low temperature

If you use a dryer, set to a low or regular heat. Remember, gentle care extends the life of your nappies (diapers).


DO use eco-friendly products

Choose eco-friendly products such as zero-residue brands of detergent that do not contain the following additives: fabric softeners, bleach, natural oils, or pure soap. These additives may create residue problems, and cause an unpleasant odour and damage to the nappy (diaper).

SUNLIGHT TIP: The natural brightener and sanitiser

To naturally remove stains, wash your nappies (diapers) as you normally would, and while they’re still wet, lay them in the sun for a few hours once or twice a month. CAUTION: Too much heat could damage the elastic and waterproof fabric in your nappies.

DON’TS: What not to do with your nappies (diapers)

DON’T use extra additives

Extra additives, such as baking soda or vinegar are not recommended.


DON’T use too little detergent

Using too little detergent may cause urine residue and an unpleasant odour.


DON'T use too much detergent

Using too much detergent may cause detergent residue and nappy (diaper) leakage.


DON'T boil your nappies (diapers)

Wash at 40°C/100°F using zero-residue detergent, followed by a cool rinse. Boiling your nappies will harm them.

DON'T iron your nappies (diapers) 

Ironing your nappies will harm them.


DON’T use nappy (diaper) creams containing petroleum, fish oil or zinc

Even if a cream claims to be cloth nappy safe, still protect your nappy with a nuababy linerNappy creams can cause nappies to repel liquid, impairing their function.


For further information on common nappy (diaper) problems, please visit nuababy’s frequently asked questions page.